The power of positive thinking….

I have had one of those weekends which has left me feeling like ive been chasing my tail and getting nowhere fast {heavy sigh}.  Feeling exhausted and drained arriving at the train station this morning to discover that my train consisted of 8 carriages instead of 12 wasnt the best start to the day.  In an effort not to be late for work I ‘attempted’ to squeeze myself on to one of the carriages however after swift contemplation decided life is too short to spend an hour like a squashed sardine sniffing the armpits of strangers so I opted to jump off and wait for the next train.  

I arrived into London late with my only armour against the wind and rain being a beaten old umbrella that seemed more interested in ‘catching’ the rain rather than stopping me getting wet so slightly wet and still running late I decided the only thing that would cheer me up was a coffee and chocolate croissant.  However,  it seems my simple request for a skinny ‘wet’ latte proved to be something of a task for the guy serving me who appeared to be suffering from memory issues…..having repeated my  request 4, yes 4  times before he could hold the information in his head long enough to tell the Barista what my order was I was slowing losing the will and just as I thought things couldn’t get much worse I saw him licking his fingers before opening the bag in which he was about to place my freshly baked croissant.   I mean SERIOUSLY sharing spit is something that should be saved for close family members ONLY and certainly not something that is appropriate when it comes to customers 😦  

Whilst the above mentioned mini dramas of my morning had no devastating consequences to life and the universe as we know it.   They did mean that I  started my monday morning sitting down at my desk feeling fed up and grumpy and positively negative :-/

If the positive thought junkies out there are to be believed I need to break out of this negative pattern of thought as the law of the universe dictates that ‘like attracts like’ which leads me to thinking do we really have control over our own destiny and if so how do I tap into this energy and take control of my destiny?  I have a book that is currently gathering dust on my bookshelf at home called ‘The Secret’, in that book they claim that we create our lives with every thought, every minute of the day and if we live by the secret we can create the life of our dreams.   I may well dust off that book and read it again for some inspiration….for now im told I need to chant the following to myself every morning before I start the day and this will draw positive things my way….

“I am a positive person and I am leading a happy and contented life in which all I need comes to me easily”.

….Hmmmmmm im not sure what I was thinking this morning that attracted me to Mr licky fingers but hey, heres to hoping that waking with a more positive mindset tomorrow will bring more positive things my way.

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