You Have To Want It, More Than You Are Afraid Of It

I begin every New Year the same way with a list of resolutions, some I achieve, some I don’t, some I just forget all about until the next year and then re-add to my list but the thing I love about New Year Resolutions is the feeling you are given a fresh start, the 1st of January brings with it a feeling of hope, a feeling that you get a chance to start over, a feeling that ‘maybe’, just maybe this year you might achieve some of those goals that you never seem to get round to actioning.

I read this post today and it sums up how I feel right now so perfectly I couldn’t have put it better myself so here you go people….here is a little inspiration which I hope you will also take some inspiration from for 2014.

Wishing you the most wonderful year, full of….{insert whatever applies} Xx

The Better Man Project ™

You have to want it more than you are afraid of it not happening. In 2013, I learned a great deal about myself. But most importantly, I learned what I really do want from this life. And as I sit here tapping away at the keys at 3 am, I realize that 2014 needs to be dedicated to something besides “just doing” what I have learned in the past year. It needs to be devoted to being the most extraordinary version of myself I can possibly be.

Every day, we have opportunities to grow, change, and rise to the occasion. What may just seem like another day is actually an opportunity to do something fantastic. True, most of the days we have may start off as normal, but our plans that we have for ourselves, if implemented, can truly turn something mediocre into something, well, extraordinary. It takes effort. Lots…

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